Datacenter TIER IV

We are deeply convinced that to provide quality services and to guarantee the highest levels of service it is necessary to have the ownership and control End to End of all the service components, starting from the Data center.

To offer services of the highest standards Wiit owns 2 Data Centers at the highest levels of security and reliability, used to provide Hosted Private and Hybrid Cloud, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services.

We firmly believe in continual improvement and in strategically investing in our assets.

For this reason we have attained the prestigious TIER IV Certification of The International Uptime Institute and we continue to invest in innovative and reliable technologies


  • Milano.
    Tier Certified IV Data Center (Uptime Institute classification), with an area of 550 sq m.
    Our primary data center where the most complex and critical infrastructures are hosted and managed.
  • Castelfranco Veneto (TV):
    Site of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity of the infrastructures present in Milan.

All the facilities have available multi carrier internet connectivity (Autonomous System and Lir) guaranteed through a double redounded ring of SDH Fibre optic bearing cable, in copper SHDSL and radio link