Operations Platform

To guarantee «end-to-end» quality of all the services provided, starting from international ITIL standards and thanks to the experience of our delivery resources, we have developed a governance platform constituted by methodology, tools and processes which together define Wiit’s Operational Platform.

Performing End-To-End
Governance Platform


The great attention to the providing of end-to-end services to its clients has pushed Wiit from the beginning to design its processes based on the international ISO20000 e ISO 27001 benchmarks. Furthermore all the key personnel involved in the providing of the different services are qualified by ITIL expertise certifications.

Processes, people involved, and operational and control relations are integrated in a virtuous cycle, in the position to ensure maximum efficiency in the management of the business, and a constant control of the services and the satisfaction of the final client.


Wiit’s Operations Model for the providing of services has as objective the realization of economies of scale, without compromising the care paid to the levels of service and the quality of these. With the support of an automization and control platform all the activities are overseen one-to-one and one- to-many, thanks to an operations manual which sets all the operations management parameters, bringing also in time all the changes necessary for the optimization the service itself.


Starting from its Operations Model Wiit has perfected a governance platform, constituted by a set of dedicated and personalized control tools that go from monitoring of hardware and applications of the database, to network & security.

Thanks to these tools we are able to offer to clients a precise monitoring of all processes, and have rich operations reporting documentation and business performance indicators.