Wiit awarded at Digital360Awards 2020

Wiit awarded at Digital360Awards 2020

Milan, 12/17/2020

In the era of digital transformation, humans are now the weak point in the corporate safety net. Our project aims to perform an “intelligent upgrade” of the level of employee awareness on cybersecurity issues to turn people into the most effective defense.

It is thanks to its Intelligent Security Awareness project developed with Matika SpA that WIIT has been awarded in the special category “CIO Summit”.

The contest, now in its fifth edition, is aimed at identifying and selecting the best digital transformation projects, judged by 150 CIOs and IT Top Managers of the most important companies in Italy.

The winning technological solution has been adopted by an important Italian “open-banking-native” online bank built on evolved and digital protocols, it is designed to meet the needs of Fintech with latest generation technologies such as AI, ML and data analytics.

These factors, part of the Bank’s DNA, make the creation of a Risk-Aware Culture absolutely crucial and strategic. The goal is to align employees with the Digital vision of the company and the associated risks, while maintaining the competitive advantage over traditional business models.

In this scenario, cybersecurity cannot be limited to the adoption of IT solutions. In the absence of branches and counters, the weak link becomes the human factor: criminals and hackers could target people first rather than machines to hit the organization.

It was necessary to think about an ongoing approach through hands-on training, coaching and strengthening employees’ skills against Social Engineering Attacks (SEA).

Unlike traditional Security Awareness solutions, the goal of Wiit’s Intelligent Awareness is not to complete training sessions but to achieve the skills to recognize the tactics and techniques used by SEAs.

This is made possible by the activity of the WIIT team that:

  • studies the most current threats and attack techniques, translating them into phishing simulations that are always up-to-date and accurate
  • through an initial assessment, the analysis of the user’s behavior, the study of his gaps and his sensitivity to psychological vectors and the monitoring of the endpoints on the PC, provides “tailor-made” training.

In this way the user becomes not only aware but ready and able to detect the threat on his own (Digital Self-Defense). A real and effective weapon of defense.