After an intense year of work full of emotion and excellent results, we received the recognition of Elite, program of the Italian Stock Exchange that awards companies with constant growth requisites and ambitious development plans.

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ELITE values the present and paves the way for the future

The small and medium enterprises are often the most ambitious, but to growth need new resources, relations, and capital. To help these enterprises to realize their plans we have created ELITE, a single platform of integrated services that puts at their disposal the industrial, financial and organizational competencies to beat the challenges of international markets.
ELITE is designed for the top Italian companies with a program in three phases which helps to map out a course to success.
ELITE coaches them in a unique process of cultural and organizational change, introduces them to capital markets and improves relations with the banking and entrepreneurial system and facilitates the internationalization. An ELITE company is more transparent, more efficient, more visible and more attractive to potential investors.
ELITE values the present and paves the way for the future because ELITE is growth, change, leadership.