Wiit Spa is leader in the provision of Hosted Private and Hybrid Cloud services for businesses who require Critical Application Management and Business Continuity services.

The Wiit brand was conceived in 1996 when Alessandro Cozzi, founder and CEO, decided to focus its strategy in IT-Outsourcing services to medium-large enterprises.

From the beginning Wiit has differentiated itself with a strong specialization in Outsourcing of critical applications.
The commitment to supply clients with high security standards and services at the highest levels of the market has driven WIIT to make heavy investments in proprietary infrastructures.

Wiit today packs two proprietary Data Centers, its flagship Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute.
But its strategic assets are not the only element which differentiate WIIT on the market.

The growth and development of Wiit is the result of a strategy of strong specialization in the management of critical platforms, recognized by numerous international certifications in the management of processes and security.
Today Wiit is proud of a solid six SAP certifications at the highest levels of ERP specialization in PaaS models and important references in SAP HANA, assuring to its clients the best performance on the market thanks to “end-to-end” governance of all service components (From the data center to application management)

The Future of Wiit and Market Outlook

In Wiit we are going through years of strong growth which we believe linked to three macro trends.
The first is owed to the continual confirmation that the global market for Hosted Private and Hybrid Cloud services is growing and has yet to grow very much over the next years.
The most accredited analysts, like Gartner and IDC, confirm this trend.
Gartner maintains that by 2020 companies with a “No Cloud” policy will be as rare as “No Internet” policies are today.

The second is linked to the need for transformation of companies internally which should see IT departments as more focused on processes and business development than technology as an end in itself.
This is also in order to optimize resources and improve allocation of available funds.
In fact the need to concentrate resources and energy only on core business areas, delegating governance of IT areas to specialists of the sector is becoming more pronounced.
The result is a clearer orientation to outsourcing of IT into an evolved Private or Hybrid Cloud model.
Wiit satisfies the demands of transformation of its clients providing solutions capable of assuring the security, performance and the flexibility necessary to remain really competitive in the era of digital transformation.
Our expansion is founded on three principal lines:

  • Organic growth based on Hosted Private and Hybrid Cloud, Business Continuity and Big Data services
  • Boost in market share through acquisitions of outside lines
  • Process of Internationalization of the company