Social Responsibility


When the possibility to give our contribution to the “I Bambini delle Fate (The Children of Pixies)” foundation was presented to us at Wiit, we were instantly excited about the idea. Is it because the association finances social projects dedicated to babies and children with autism and disabilities and in Wiit we almost all have little children at home?
Will it be because we are a young company which takes care of Cloud Computing and the idea of having “Pixies” which fly over our cloud technologies particularly pleases us?
The truth is that the initiative “Dalle Stalle alle Stelle (From the barn to the stars: From Rags to Riches)” which we decided to support touched us deeply.
It is a project which proposes to offer a therapeutic space to the mentally disabled or children with motor disabilities themed with nature and in particular the world of horses, that will support them and their journey of growth. The project will be developed inside the Niguarda Hospital of Milan.
This element is greatly significant for us.


To have the guarantee of a highly specialized team, able to give the best care and attention possible, is for us fundamental and reason to feel secure and proud.
Moreover we liked the idea of contributing to a project that would be located near to us and which might benefit the community where we all live our daily lives.
WIIT in fact is an Italian company and even if, over the last years, has been quickly expanding abroad would like to maintain firm roots in the Italian territory.
It is a will that is manifested also in having endorsed the project “Dalle Stalle alle Stelle” with great enthusiasm.
In fact we deeply believe in social commitment that seeks to nurture and favor understanding and respect for diversity as a value through initiatives rooted in our own home territory.
There are many organizations worthy of support and projects surely which deserve aid, but the reason we decided to sponsor a project of the foundation “I Bambini delle Fate” was that how we can support our community was presented to us in a special way.
A way that seeks to show also which would actually be the benefits for individuals, families and for the community in general of getting past the prejudice and the importance of integration to build a future that is brighter for everyone.
We hope that our experience might encourage other companies to contribute to local charity organizations that may effectively and concretely benefit the society that we are part of.
From our point of view what we can say is that we will help the little “Pixies” to fly over the clouds with WIIT.