Cloud Market Data

The cloud seems to have finally entered into the age of maturity.

The growth trends and market data all confirm it.

There are many reasons that bring companies and public institutions to invest in the cloud world,

From the updating of infrastructures to the revamping of applications, the supply chain and services.

But first and foremost it needs to be said that for all companies with Critical Business it will not be possible in the future to disregard the Cloud any longer.

This is particularly true if one considers that the adoption of Cloud Computing is essential requisite to the correct utilization of the wealth of data a company holds and the possibility to face the IOT and Digital Transformation era.

Gartner maintains that by 2020 a “no-Cloud policy” will be exactly as rare as “no-Internet” policies are today.

It furthermore forecasts a strong affirmation of Hybrid Cloud solutions

Gartner analysts maintain that if enterprise-class corporations are starting to adopt a cloud-first mentality, and more than 50% of the adoption of new enterprise applications in North America will be in the cloud, mainly SaaS models and other cloud based solutions, soon also small-medium tier companies will follow and by 2019 more than 30% of investment in software of the leading 100 companies will be completely native cloud.

We will evolve therefore from a cloud-first approach to a cloud-only approach”.

The lDC confirms the cloud growth trends, maintaining that it is already the standard, an innovation tool and a vehicle of transformation for the business.

According to the IDC, by 2018, at least half of IT investment will be in cloud services and this percentage, by 2020, will reach 60% for IT infrastructures and 60-70% for software, services and technology.

Italy is by no means lagging behind.

40% of Italian companies are already developing oriented IT cloud strategies and the growth of the market has been verified to be inline with the forecasts of international analysts. The Observatory of The Polytechnic University of Milan and the 2016 Assintel Report are very promising.

The Italian cloud market has been valued at a total of about 1.8 billion euro for 2016, a boost of 18% year over year.

The research of the Milanese Observatory says that as far as large enterprises go, which account for 23% of the SaaS market, the investment dedicated to core company systems in the cloud is taking off.

Towing most heavily Italian Cloud innovation are the Manufacturing (23% total investment) and Banking sectors (21%).



IT in Cloud Computing: Saas, IaaS, PaaS
and Cloud Management & Security Services


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Q: If 100 is the sum of IT in Cloud Computing, what are the shares of the components SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Management & Security Services?