Hosting SAP

Hosting SAP Partner

We specialise in managing the SAP applications of customers who require Non Stop Business of their core processes.

For over 15 years we have been among the world’s most certified SAP partners for managing SAP environments.

We can boast references and experience that place us among the world leaders in the management of SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA platforms and in the management of migration processes to SAP S/4HANA Green field or Brown field.

As a SAP partner we play a key role in helping organisations of all sizes and industries to deploy a guided and secure step-by-step migration process to an efficient, secure, scalable Hybrid Cloud model.

With 6 SAP certifications, we are the world’s most certified SAP provider in Outsourcing Technology Operations: SAP Hosting Operations, SAP HANA Operations, SAP Cloud and Infrastructure, SAP BPO, SAP DevOps and SAP Business Suite Solutions Operations.

Our focus on internal expertise, continuous process updates and strong investments in data centres, data resilience and performance technology allow us to guarantee the highest Service Levels possible today worldwide.

Our clients have the typical needs of highly critical business in a wide range of industries, from Luxury Goods to Manufacturing, from Oil & Gas to Professional Services. They ask us to guarantee continuity of service and the ability to deal with any problems in real time.

We are able to guarantee H24 service windows and provide our clients with scalable solutions aimed at increasing performance with a view to optimising costs.

We also specialise in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services at the highest levels of security on the market, using data centres distributed throughout Europe.

We have 2 enterprise-class data centres, one Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute located in Italy and a campus of 5 data centres located in Germany.

Our proprietary assets and high level internal expertise place us as one of the few European providers capable of providing an end to end Private Cloud SAP service.