Hosting SAP

Hosting SAP PartnerWe are specialized in Hosting SAP.

We are partners SAP and we have the largest number of certifications in the world for management of SAP environments on cloud.
As SAP partner we play an essential role in helping organizations (of all sizes and segments) to transform and optimize the management of IT activities.
Wiit is certified SAP Hosting, SAP Application Management, SAP Cloud Solution, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP BPO and SAP Infrastructure Services.
Focus on internal expertise, continuous updating of resources and strong investments in technology allow us to maintain the highest standards of performance. Our customers have typical needs of high critical business. They ask us to have the guarantee of continuity of service and ability to solve any problem in real time.
We are able to guarantee H24 windows of service and provide to our customers scalable solutions able to the increase performances in order to optimize costs.
We also specialized in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services at the best levels of security in the market.
We constantly invest in new technologies and innovative ways of providing our services. Assets ownership and highest internal expertise identify Wiit as one of the few European providers capable of providing “end to end” services of Hosting SAP. That is one of the most relevant advantages that customer declare to have in working with us. Wiit is able to provide a real “end to end” service.
As SAP partner we are constantly updated on all the innovative and high-performance solutions of the market. We offer to our customers only what we consider appropriate for the specific business needs. This concerns all SAP hosting services available. We are able to deliver Cloud services on SAP HANA technology. The SAP HANA On Cloud solutions allow us to provide services in order to obtain unheard of productivity and flexibility.