Digital Transformation Solutions

The «Digital Business Transformation» is changing and remodelling firms to models of business that must fully support the eCompany concept.
In many cases it is the whole business to be digital.
Over the last years we have witnessed an evolution in «monolithic» application and infrastructural IT solutions to more fit and pervasive models of Digital Business Solutions.
These models are capable of orienting CRM, loyalty programs and Enterprise Information Management critical solutions.
In this setting IT lives daily the challenges from the management of security, continual spikes in performance, the risk from being online, the reality of BYOD, of smart working and the absolute need to effectively manage Big Data and digitalization of processes to a Paperless Company model.
Nobody else needs the highest levels of security and 24-7 management of critical processes more than a digital company.
Accessibility, performance, speed, and reliability make the difference between success and oblivion. If its true that there’s research that affirms that by 2020 more than 40% of company revenues will be online, then no company can avoid facing the challenges consequent of the digital transformation.

Our clients have entrusted us with their critical systems, certain that our services are characterized by high levels of Security, High Availability, beyond assets and modular performance in light of The «Cloud» and «On Demand».

No problem if you wish to definitively get rid of tons of paper.
Our Documentary BPO and Enterprise Information Management services integrated with all international ERP platforms enable you to have at a moment’s notice any corporate document immediately at your fingertips. Online, offline or in complete mobility to assist any request. Within the law, of course.

What criticalities must a digital company face?
1) Data Management
The management of the complete life cycle and security of the data is possibly one of the most critical aspects for the continuity of the business above all if you consider that we’re talking about Big Data.
2) Performance
Special offers, anniversaries, holidays, and promotional campaigns require dedicated performance for limited periods of time inside a highly critical 24-7 service
3) Security
The greater is the success of an eCompany, the greater is its fame and the higher is its exposure to cyber attacks.
No room for error
We can help!
Some of the leading Italian eCompanies have hired us to host and manage their application platforms securely and have already implemented highly reliable Hosted Private Cloud services with cybersecurity that integrates the most innovative cyberware technologies.