Smart working as a service

Smart Working is a true business philosophy and WIIT’s Hybrid Cloud model is the enabler par excellence.

In a world where business continuity has become an essential element for all companies, adopting a Smart Working solution that is able to give employees flexibility and autonomy in choosing where to work is the way to go to ensure better productivity. Even in emergency conditions.

WIIT’s Smart Work as a Service solution integrates within a single operating framework all the components necessary for effective remote operations:

Virtual Desktop allows remote access to any business application, including corporate applications.

Enterprise VPN client allows you to have a secure and resilient network even with non enterprise connectivity

Integrated cyber security to ensure coverage of all active services

a collaboration platform to interact effectively with all colleagues

Service Continuity
all the previous points provided with an H24 model equipped with Business Continuity not only of technologies, but also of skills and processes

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