Technology Migrations Program

Think that migrating proprietary systems to open environments would be a problem?
Perhaps you could bring over your SAP platform to SAP HANA?

We’ve already done it.

We know that experience and expertise are the critical elements for success for who choses our Private Cloud services.
For this reason we have created a secure and efficient Technology Migration Program which guarantees you peace of mind.


Never before like in the last years has innovation in technology and application suites presented significant improvements in terms of:
Performance of the systems and innovation in the business processes
Reduction of business risk through sophisticated Business Continuity technologies with high security guarantee while accessible financially.
Capacity to extend IT services through the business with Hybrid IT models that allow you to manage systems In House, in Private Cloud or Public Clouds

Seizing such opportunities is no longer a question of IF, but WHEN and HOW And we have our ideas very clear on this.


Perhaps for granted, but one of the expected fundamental elements to minimize inherent risks in such projects is simply to have already faced them.
With decades of experience in these projects, we have developed and fine- tuned a Technology Migration Program which bases itself on a concept of total control of the competency chain.
It is also our philosophy which distinguishes our processes and services. We believe that to control the entire process of analysis of the client environment, plan the new architecture, define objectives and constraints, design a consistent migration plan and timely realize within the timeframes defined is absolutely necessary to have successful projects.


100% is our success rate in Technology Migration Projects.
We have done projects of every kind. Migrated the systems of our clients from proprietary platforms, also mainframe, to open environments, changed simultaneously the operating systems, databases or updating the application release.
We have migrated from outsourcers based in the Orient, North Europe, in The US across Italy. Always with success.
For this reason today we can GUARANTEE even financially the result of your migration project.


Taking all the advantages of a correct approach to innovation is possible if the driver of change is strictly connected to the business.
We are supporters of an approach to technology that has strong roots in the improvement of business indicators.
The advantages obtainable vary:
company information security
access to superior performance
enabling more efficient and competitive functions and processes on the market
access to more flexible, rapid and scalable models in time
Lower costs of innovation
Who, today, can afford to not to take pursue them?