A safe and performing environment

WIIT knows that for the most innovative businesses, growing means, above everything else, being able to manage and orchestrate the growing complexity of digital environments. Operations must operate more efficiently within an increasingly integrated technological context. For this reason, all the services provided to customers are operated by WIIT technicians through the Delivery Platform, a proprietary platform made up of tools, processes and automatic components that support 24 hours a day, seven days a week even the most demanding workloads, allowing operations to function with the utmost precision and generating the least effort for systems. Even for organizations with IAAS components with respect to which they chose the self-management option.

Utmost Flexibility and Freedom

WIIT has chosen to operate totally independently from system integrators or technology producers in order to guarantee customers best practices and the utmost freedom in the choice of strategic development and product partners.

An agnostic Technology Framework

Through the resources of the Delivery Platform, WIIT is able to manage all the technological and architectural components dedicated to its customers, subdividing them into four distinct areas addressed with an agnostic approach: Network, Hardware, Software, Facilities.

A certified Service Framework

With the Delivery Platform, companies have the opportunity to entrust ICT management to a single, ISO 20000-certified partner that guarantees rigorous operational processes and full control over the entire service delivery chain.

The catalogue of services

On the Delivery Platform made available by WIIT, customers can activate a complete portfolio of services: Help Desk/PDL Management, Application Maintenance, Basis Platform Maintenance, Basis System Management, DR/Business Continuity, Backup/Restore/Archiving and Network & Security.

A guaranteed Performance Framework

WIIT has implemented continuous monitoring of all the services provided, with management governed by stringent SLAs, in order to guarantee business continuity for its customers, through an accurate and transparent reporting platform.