Hybrid Cloud

The best approach to Cloud Computing is turning on Hybrid Cloud, a perfect combination of both Private and Public Cloud advantages, which meets needs of data security, scalability of services, high performance and business continuity, as well as processes business optimization and cost-effectiveness.

Implement a Hybrid Cloud model inside a company means to outsource some IT functions to a Cloud Provider able to guarantee high performance of technology.

The TIER IV certification of our Data Center represents the achievement of Wiit mission: guarantee to customers excellent performances and maximum security both of technology infrastructures and management skills of critical applications.


Aligning IT to the business, riding the wave of innovation, implementing a model of « pay per use costs» and measuring the User Experience are only some of the strategic objectives of the most cutting edge companies, easily achievable by integrating Hybrid Cloud inside own organization.

The Hybrid Cloud makes possible to extend the reach of IT systems, broadening own data center. Wiit allows the models implementation in order to integrate, into own IT architecture, solutions and services able to extend the client systems potentiality, boosting speed and possibilities of action.

Furthermore, the Hybrid Cloud enables you to access an extended catalogue of Ready to Use services combining performance, security and scalability.


In the last few years, system and data security has certainly been the most discussed issue.

This is particularly true if you consider the growing occurrence of emergencies and critical situations.

Hybrid Cloud suits perfectly the increasing requirements of risk control as well as business continuity in order to guarantee more safe IT services.

We successfully manage the most critical application platforms of the world’s leading companies in their segment of market.

We can easily do it for you too.


The need to be compliant to stricter and stricter regulations could represent the right time to implement tested and high performing Risk Governance and real effective Business Continuity plans.

In that meaning the Hybrid Cloud solutions are a real opportunity, ensuring data and information and “natively” protecting the availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Wiit can support you in planning and realizing your secure IT model based on the needs and commitments of your growth strategy.

5 Reasons to choose Wiit Hybrid Cloud

  1. Highest specialization in standard market apps (SAP, Oracle, Msft)
  2. End to End know-how
  3. Testified experience in Business Continuity models for critical applications 24/7
  4. Security at level Tier IV
  5. Possibility of extreme personalization of services

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud