Targeted approaches in specific sectors

At WIIT, we work every day to simplify and accelerate our clients’ business by relieving enterprises of the implementation and governance of technology infrastructure and platforms.

We ensure performance, resilience, enabling services and an integrated security model, to best meet the needs of all markets, but also to support and create new business models. We fuel the digital revolution underway in the financial ecosystem, support industrial 4.0 models with edge-to-cloud computing architectures, and provide the pharmaceutical industry with maximum process robustness. To Retail and Fashion we make a promise: with WIIT, you will be free to imagine extraordinary customer experiences, experimenting and innovating with exponential technologies.

Discover all industries

& Luxury

We design and govern the digital transformation of the fashion industry ensuring true governance of complex multicloud models for the benefit of resilient business and innovative and fulfilling customer experiences


We accompany the manufacturing industry into the future by enabling 4.0 models that extend from the edge to the cloud and ensure their performance, resilience and security


We accelerate the transformation of service businesses by making them modern and innovative, safe and in line with client needs. Our platform of technologies and services allows focusing on business growth, forgetting the technical complexity

& Retail

We are the basic element that allows companies to be innovative in increasingly competitive environments. Resilience, governance of complex environments, continuity of critical processes, performance and security are the key words of our commitment.

Pharma &

We enable digital transformation with complex, resilient services and architectures that meet the robustness, security, and performance needs of highly regulated industries


We help organizations revolutionize the financial ecosystem and shape new services and business models by designing and governing enabling technology platforms

& Utility

We enable the transformation of the energy sector through the design and governance of resilient, secure and uncompromising performance models, assisted by WIIT expertise and high levels of service.

& Media

We help operators create new digital services and innovative business models that create value from content and make the most of the power of networks

Food & Beverage

We support F&B companies in their digital transformation process by designing and managing the entire enabling technology system, from tailor-made cloud models to integrated security.