Google WorkspaceIn short

Google Workspace is the evolution of Google Suite. More comprehensive, enterprise-oriented and for this reason the subject of rebranding. WIIT manages its services at a system level (with focus on Gmail, Meet and Drive) to ensure efficiency and dynamism to collaboration processes. This ensures, among other things, easy and secure access to conferencing and content storage tools. We also support you in migrating data and processes to Workplace from other collaboration solutions, both in SaaS (Exchange Online) and on-premise (Microsoft 365).

Google WorkspaceWhat we do

By activating the Google Workspace tools with WIIT support, you enable smart collaboration both in terms of infrastructure and in terms of actual use. In fact, you can count on efficient, user-friendly and natively integrated tools. At the same time, you optimize the use of resources on your IT infrastructure by deploying data and processes in a more agile and secure way. WIIT helps you define the configuration of services that best suits your needs and then provides for their management within the corporate infrastructure.

Google WorkspaceWhy rely on WIIT

With Google Workspace, you get device-neutral, fully efficient productivity and teamwork tools from a simple web connection. By integrating them into your IT infrastructure, we help you extend your operational capabilities far beyond the office perimeter. At the same time, we also offer premium levels of service in terms of security and integrity of data and processes. In this way, we facilitate a fluid and secure teamwork, which takes advantage of the native synergies between the applications of the suite and enables a truly effective digital transformation.