BrieflyPure Resilience

We believe that only the full and exclusive control of all elements of the service allows us to ensure the resilience of core processes. This is why we have created and manage a network of 17 proprietary data centers , 3 located in Italy, of which 2 are Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute, and 14 in Germany, with which we ensure our customers the highest levels of reliability, safety and protection some data.

In Germany in Düsseldorf we are building the first German data center Tier IV certified by Uptime Institute: the possibility of a cross-country Tier IV within the European Community will be the maximum guarantee of business continuity against any possible disruption.

Thus, the business does not stand still. Never.

Benefits of Multi Tier IV data centersThe solid foundations of a winning business

Geographic redundancy

A multi-country network at the service of the Business Continuity of companies, against all problems and adversities

Uptime Institute Tier IV certified

The highest guarantee of performance and reliability for mission critical applications, with annual uptime of 99.995%

Data centers located in the EU

Latency close to zero, simplified compliance, compliance with the GDPR and data sovereignty: our Tier IV data centers are located in Italy, in Milan and Castelfranco Veneto, and in Germany, in Düsseldorf, Munich, Stralsund and Limburgerhof.

Continuous investment in assets

We firmly believe in continuous improvement and we invest strategically in our assets, to guarantee even better performances


We are one of the world’s most certified SAP partners in the Outsourcing Operations programme and have numerous international certifications that we believe are essential in a premium model.

Used Platforms

We manage all major platforms that power our clients’ business, ensuring performance, security and reliability no matter where they reside

The Premium Cloud offer

Our Premium Cloud offer best supports business critical applications and processes

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