For the enterprise worldAdvantages of the Premium

For companies that cannot compromise: the WIIT Premium offer is dedicated to organizations that, due to their size, complexity and characterization (such as, for example, listed companies), need enterprise-level IT security tools universally recognized by analysts in the field of Cyber Security.

Specifically, the Premium offer adds to the classic Managed Security Services the analysis of information flows of client companies with the possibility to enrich the information with Threat Intelligence tools and the consequent possibility to obtain valuable insights on possible attack vectors and indicators of compromise (IOC).

The service is provided through resources highly specialized in the field of Cyber Security, tools and platforms SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) with features of multi-tenancy and User Behaviour analytics.

SME-friendlyThe flexibility of the Smart offer

With the Smart offer, WIIT guarantees any type of company – even those of a smaller size – access to advanced Cyber Security services and tools. The key word is flexibility: thanks also to advantageous contractual conditions, clients can take advantage of a real SOC on demand provided by WIIT proprietary data centers.

The VPN connection to customer infrastructures makes it easy to monitor abnormal events and incidents occurring on IT infrastructures.

Service AggregatorThe functionality
of the SOCaaS

As-a-Service approachManaged Cyber Security services

The core of the WIIT Cyber Security offer revolves around Managed Security Services. We are therefore talking about a portfolio of services managed remotely by specialized teams.

Considering that this is a constantly evolving subject, the ability to access pre-configured tools is a guarantee for all companies whose core business is not IT management. Thanks to the cloud, platforms and solutions also update and evolve without the end user having to worry about anything.

SOC as-a-Service

H24 Cyber Security

Thanks to the skills and professionalism of the Group, an integral part of the WIIT proposition is constituted by corporate Cyber Security monitoring services: a spotlight, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on anomalous events generated by IT systems and infrastructures.

Threat Intelligence Analysis

Threat intelligence flows allow you to analyze the inputs coming from the outside world to better understand – and therefore prevent – the dynamics with which attacks occur, regardless of the channel used.

The SIEM platform

With Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, WIIT SOCaaS accesses capabilities for analysis, aggregation and correlation of logs received from data sources. Through innovative SIEM solutions it is possible to analyze “user behaviour” and identify abnormal behaviours in order to activate timely actions to counter cyber attacks.

The SOCaaS service

Threats are intercepted by an organization characterized by: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Competence Center: Tier 1 performs an analysis of anomalous events not yet classified as incidents, categorizes them and sends the reports to Tier 2, which activates, if necessary, detailed analyses and decides on the actions to take. The Competence Center has vertical expertise on services provided and security solutions used or monitored by the Security Operations Center.

Count on expert assistance

Companies that choose the Security Managed Services offered by WIIT can also count on a highly specialized assistance service, able to face and solve specific problems focused on the specific needs of the client.

The WIIT Security index

Plant & Industrial Cybersecurity tool management activities are also grafted onto the WIIT Security Index, which includes:

178Analyzed variables

5depth levels

25weighted coefficients

100overall score points

5subscore by category

Vertical competencies for specific needs

The competence centers made available by WIIT are teams that the group has developed over the years through the implementation of projects in sectors with certified professionalism: