Content complianceExceed standards with the most advanced compliance solutions!

Managing compliance, standards and policies is a labour-intensive activity, not least because of the proliferation and continuous updating of criteria.

Digitalizing processes with as-a-service solutions then allows to maintain and exceed the required compliance levels, to streamline and to make workflows more efficient.

Fully digital processes speed up document verification, enable document storage, certification and transmission, and limit critical issues and inefficiencies.

Digital content compliance increases the efficiency and security of document workflows, with positive consequences for brand reputation.

Why choose itThe Benefits of a digitalized process

Efficiency. It cuts down the time it takes to manage the verification, control and content management processes.

ROI. It limits errors and inefficiencies and it delegates labour-intensive operations to automated processes.

Trust. It allows to be credited as a reliable player, able to ensure high SLAs.

Update. Managed as SaaS, it ensures being up-to-date with current regulations, standards and guidelines.

Scalability. It ensures that resource utilization is always appropriate to actual process needs.

Sharing. It enables secure sharing of data and content with stakeholders and validating entities.

Content complianceBenefits

Benefits of Content Compliance

Explore how to use content compliance solutions!

Digitalizing content compliance processes results in agile and compliant management of document workflows. Automated scanning and filtering, mobile underwriting, digital notarization, secure data transmission, end-to-end compliance management and more.

Explore the main areas of application below.

Blockchain notarization

We facilitate full document dematerialization with notarization processes on Blockchain, that ensure authenticity, integrity and immutability of digital content. Thanks to the trusted timestamping, we achieve a higher level of content compliance to manage critical processes.

Digital Signing

We integrate digitalized workflows with agile and tailored digital signing solutions. We enable different types of signatures to ensure full regulatory compliance and more effective collaboration within fully-digital workflows.

Legal archiving

The WIIT Digital Platform automatically integrates services for legally compliant digital archiving of tax and non-tax documents.

Thanks to our partners, we manage archiving according to AgID guidelines and we enable indexing procedures that facilitate content retrieval and interoperability.


We activate solutions for the regulation-compliant management of electronic invoicing cycles. By automating data verification, validation and transmission processes, we create document flows that are integrated with enterprise platforms and PA officials.