Content RetrievalSpeed up document flows

In document workflows, searching for data and content commits time and resources to low value activities.

Content retrieval intervenes in this area using AI to search, filter and extract data, identifying logical connections between disparate sets and allowing the automation of many procedures.
Digitizing search, indexing and selection operations streamlines document flows and increases their accuracy by creating cost-effective, customizable and scalable processes.

Companies can then perform intelligent searches within repositories and create complete dossiers from simple queries.

Content RetrievalThe advantages of content retrieval

By activating content retrieval solutions, users in organisations can perform intelligent searches on complex data sets, obtain a logical mapping of content and improve its retrievability, thus increasing the quality of information within the company. Through the ECM module of the “WIIT Digital Platform”, companies can activate automatic indexing processes, reducing the time and cost of searching for and organising data.

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