The effectiveness of managed
Security Services

Managed Security Services are the ideal choice for organizations that want to develop a holistic approach to Cyber Security and system resilience without having to tie up financial resources, physical assets, and especially talent to manage and maintain Cyber Security tools and solutions, which are becoming increasingly fragmented and complex.

Thanks to its experience in the cloud world, WIIT is today able to offer, in aggregate and modular form, a complete range of advanced services: from the Security Operations Center (SOC) as-a-Service to proactive defense tools, passing through Threat Intelligence platforms, up to training and awareness programs dedicated to the corporate population. Each element of the offer can be customized and tailored to meet the needs of the client.

Cyber Security
Assessment & Strategy

Thanks to the WIIT Cyber Security Universe proprietary methodology, it is possible, in a short time, to establish the exact positioning of the client with respect to the Cyber Security areas and to outline a customized strategy with targeted and structured interventions in progressive steps that allow implementing the most effective balance between cyber risks and costs.


WIIT provides customers with a Security Operations Center in an as-a-Service mode through an infrastructure with multi-tenant requests. The service involves the use of the latest generation of SIEM solutions that are continuously evolving and capable of monitoring the client’s cyber domain 360 degrees.

Cyber Security

From Network Cyber Defense to Endpoint Detection & Response to Privileged Access Management and Vulnerability Discovery & Management. Not forgetting, of course, the Data & Message Defense tools. WIIT provides all-around defense.

Plant & Industrial
Cyber Security

To companies that are facing the challenge of smart manufacturing, WIIT offers security services capable of guarding a boundary, that between Information Technology and Operation Technology, which is increasingly blurred but which requires more and more specific and adequate skills and tools.

Human Resources
Cyber Security Awareness

Even the most advanced tool risks to be ineffective if the human factor is not put at the center of the security strategies: it is fundamental to train own resources, stimulating conscious conduct and carrying out periodic checks of the level of training on Cyber Security issues.