Monitor activitiesWhat is Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management plays a delicate role within any organization: it includes tools and practices that allow regulating system administrators’ access to the corporate IT infrastructure, keeping track of each user’s (or agent’s) activities and access times to reconstruct the dynamics of possible events, errors or violations. The tools must comply with the GDPR and, at the same time, allow ensuring compliance with the Provision of the Privacy Guarantor aimed at regulating the activities of System Administrators.

Balance between security and compliance

The traditional access management

The classic administrative log management approach involves the complete tracking of log-in and log-out activities to systems. This is a procedure that records the time each user enters and exits the systems and highlights the actions taken and events that occur during that time.

Controlling accesses is not enough

Even if users are equipped with a dual-factor authentication mechanism, traditional access management does not prevent malware installed on employee devices or systems from breaking into corporate networks and infrastructure.

A protective layer

WIIT proposes a technology that makes it possible to create an intermediate layer between the system administrator and the IT systems that need to be accessed to carry out work activities. It is therefore possible to manage, through a single management point, access to IT systems and the activities of all administrative users who need access to corporate networks.

Ensuring security

Administrators in this way do not interface with “target” IT systems, but with the layer, which performs actions on their behalf in a protected environment, preventing machines compromised by attacks from allowing attackers access or causing damage to target systems.

Preserving Privacy

The Privileged Access Management system proposed by WIIT does not only guarantee maximum protection from external threats: thanks to its technological features, it is also the ideal tool for protecting the privacy of users, making the organization compliant with the regulations in force.