A new GatewayE-mail: risk factors

E-mail has become an indispensable tool for any professional activity, and for years, it has been the focus of document flows and approval processes within companies. Precisely because they are pervasive elements in the routines of all workers, they are now the gateway to cyber attacks aimed at businesses. Cyber criminals are able to impersonate suppliers, partners, and customers by sending fake e-mails that are realistic and increasingly indistinguishable from real communications. Links or documents attached to the e-mail, once opened, facilitate the intrusion of attackers.

Identify hidden threats

The importance of training

According to some analysts, more than 90% of cyber attacks start with a fake e-mail. It is therefore essential to train personnel to be ready to recognize suspicious messages: in the maelstrom of daily activities even the most trained eye can be deceived.

Analyze the mails

Aware that Cyber Security must also be considered from the point of view of the human factor, WIIT proposes a Data & Message Defense service that exploits Threat Intelligence platforms and sandboxing to analyze incoming e-mails, identifying and signalling in real time the presence of malicious links and suspicious files.