ESG GovernanceESG Governance model

Listing on the STAR segment in 2019 has required WIIT to strive
to achieve excellence in terms of transparency and corporate governance.

Our Model provides for different figures and corporate bodies
entrusted with the task of defining organizational forms and concrete actions
to ensure the long-term commitments set out in the ESG Plan.

ESG GovernanceMembers

ESG Board Member: responsible for the strategic management of sustainability in the Group, guides the activities of the ESG Committee.

Sustainability Manager: monitors the scenarios related to sustainability issues, coordinates the definition of the Group’s strategy in this area and ensures it is implemented.

ESG Committee: contributes to defining the sustainability strategy and the related communication plan, as well as overseeing all the Group’s activities in this area.

ESG Ambassadors: identified within the various Group companies, they are responsible for the development of specific ESG initiatives and promote the dissemination of a culture of sustainability within and outside the organization.