BrieflyThe Most Resilient Cloud

Premium Private is the model that blends the flexibility of the cloud with the security and control of in-house infrastructure. It is the best way to manage highly critical processes with a model that offers the advantages of the cloud but is engineered to be highly customizable.

Based on WIIT certified assets and expertise, Premium Private is a custom model that ensures very high levels of security, scalability and data reliability. Thus, our customers can focus on innovation and forget about technological complexity.

The benefits of Premium PrivateNo compromise for core applications

Total security, privacy and data control

Private infrastructure ensures maximum protection of data and applications


A highly customized model based on workloads and business needs

High Service Levels (SLA)

We ensure business continuity and data protection by committing to challenging service levels

Cutting-edge performance

Premium Cloud builds on WIIT certified expertise and assets, including the Multi Tier IV data center network

Easy compliance

Private cloud facilitates compliance with existing regulations, retention and access control policies

Fully managed model

The architecture is implemented and governed by WIIT, for the highest possible reliability

Platforms used

We manage all major platforms that power our clients’ business, ensuring performance, security and reliability no matter where they reside.

The Premium Cloud offer

Our Premium Cloud offer best supports business critical applications and processes. We design and govern highly customized private, hybrid, and multicloud models, delivering the highest levels of service, security, and scalability without compromise.

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