Knowing means protectingBeyond assessment

Every IT organization understands that studying its fleet and network means becoming aware of their vulnerabilities, and then taking action to fix them. To know is to protect. The typical procedure with which this knowledge is developed and updated is the assessment: through a census and an analysis of networks and IT systems, all the information necessary to map the risks connected to their use is obtained. However, is this a reliable approach in an era where threats are constantly evolving?

Asset defense

The vulnerabilities change continuously

Regardless of the fact that new threats are appearing on the scene, the enterprise fleet continues to evolve, integrating with infrastructure, platforms and applications residing on the cloud: the definition of vulnerabilities is anything but static, and even performing periodic assessment cycles is not enough to identify them.

Objective: update the knowledge

This is why WIIT has designed a Vulnerability Discovery & Defense system based on a constant process of analysis of the company’s assets and the operations that go through them (Vulnerability Management). Going beyond the concept of assessment, the solution identifies new vulnerabilities as the ecosystem evolves.