BrieflyWe leverage the capabilities of each Public Cloud

At WIIT, we guarantee the management of complex IT architectures that integrate multi-public resources, making the most of their differentiating aspects.

Hyperscalers are becoming specialized, and more and more companies are relying on cloud services from different providers. We see Public Clouds as complementary to the private model especially for applications that are not critical and are functional for collaboration between users.

We are able to design, implement and govern true multicloud environments based on the synergy and connection between private and public resources of different vendors. We provide utmost flexibility, combined with the security and resilience imposed by core processes.

Benefits of Premium Public CloudThe guarantee of a scalable and secure model

Scalable model that evolves over time

We support critical enterprise applications by integrating multi-public resources into our models that best fit business needs

Integrated Security

Cloud Provider security integrates with our Cyber Security offer, allowing us to take a holistic approach independent of resource location (on premise data center, WIIT data center, Public Cloud)

Cost-effective model

Public Cloud resources and services, delivered in as-a-Service mode, are integrated into a model that is based on the correct balance between cost and performance

Synergy between public and private

We integrate multi-public resources into complex models based on the synergy between public and private components, for benchmark performance

Fully managed model

The architecture is implemented and governed by WIIT, for the highest possible reliability

Platforms used

We manage all major platforms that power our clients’ business, ensuring performance, security and reliability no matter where they reside.

The Premium Cloud offer

Our Premium Cloud offer best supports business critical applications and processes. We design and govern highly customized private, hybrid, and multicloud models, delivering the highest levels of service, security, and scalability without compromise.

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