AWSIn short

Rely on WIIT for access to the best performing solutions from Amazon Web Services, the most widely used cloud platform globally. You can move data, processes and applications into AWS environments, relying on its premium features and thus lightening your IT infrastructure. At WIIT, we define the best balance point and then activate and manage holistic solutions, in which AWS environments effectively dialogue with the rest of the corporate ecosystem and give your business flexibility and dynamism at all levels.

AWSWhat we do

WIIT activates and implements AWS solutions to ensure scalability, cost-savings and efficiency. We provide on-demand resources for one-time-only needs and together we distribute workloads more dynamically. In all cases, we meet your business needs through best-in-class technologies, clear and stringent SLAs and a focus on data integrity. From enabling Virtual Machine workloads to implementing Kubernetes systems through EKS, AWS PaaS, we define and manage the most effective solutions to make your IT infrastructure more efficient and dynamic.

AWSWhy rely on WIIT

WIIT, using the solutions offered by AWS, can help the customers design a more efficient, stable and scalable IT architecture. It gives you enough space to support the expansion of your business, ensure fast, to secure and mobile-friendly access to data and services and to cut down on management time and costs. By integrating services on Public and Private Clouds, WIIT makes your company more agile and responsive, simplifies the work of your associates, offers (with the AWS Management Service) complete control of cloud environments; it essentially facilitates your operations by providing secure and functional environments.