Procure To PayThe digitalization of P2P

From the moment a company orders a product or a service until the inherent invoice is paid, the administrative personnel must be able to check the status of this transaction at any time. This requires an end-to-end digitalization of the entire Procure To Pay cycle, which today is covered by one or more integrated information systems. The manual and disjointed management of this activity causes diseconomies that the company cannot afford.

Procure To PayThe WIIT method

WIIT allows to shorten the processing time of purchase orders (PO) and purchase requests (RFP) by enabling the company to create orders automatically, thanks to the integration with the management system, to control the entire approval flow and to rationalize the supplier base.

The advantages of P2P

Digitalizing the Procure To Pay flow not only drastically cuts down on time, it eliminates all paperwork and reduces the manual work that buyers would otherwise have to do. This increases savings on the entire process.

P2P phases optimized by WIIT


Workflow Management

Contracts dossier

Digital Storage


Creation and management

Approval workflow

ERP integration

Transport documents and invoices

Data capture with advanced systems

ERP registration

Three way match

Approval workflow for registration and payment


Automation of reconciliation

Multichannel claims

Resourse enhancement

Recording supplier invoices is a time-consuming activity that WIIT automates, as well as monitoring, payment approval and reconciliation processes. In this way, resources dedicated to these tasks can be engaged on higher value-added work.

WIIT P2P results

The whole Procure To Pay cycle, managed with WIIT technologies and method, obtains the achievement of a rigorous regulatory compliance, of a rationalization of the company’s global expenditure, of a more accurate selection of suppliers and of an automation of those routine tasks that slow down the operations of the administrative offices.

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