The challengesThe meaning of innovation in F&B

The food industry is undergoing a period of profound transformation. Companies are continually striving to streamline core processes such as manufacturing, logistics, and the supply cycle using digital tools. Creating increasingly connected and collaborative supply chains with which to meet the agility, flexibility, food traceability, safety and quality requirements of markets is now the order of the day.

Leveraging data, optimizing processes and employing innovative technologies are at the heart of the new paradigm, which must also ensure maximum resilience against a variety of threats, including cyber.

WIIT's roleWe enable the Food 4.0 model

At WIIT, we support the food industry’s digital transformation journey by designing, implementing, and governing the entire enabling technology infrastructure.

With our certified assets, services and expertise, we give operators the performance they need to maximize production flexibility and efficiency, but also to ensure traceability, compliance, data exploitation and quality throughout the supply chain. All this, without ever forgetting sustainability and proactive and effective protection against all kinds of threats, including those aimed at the OT world.