Regions and Zones to unleash your full potentialA new approach

Being able to count on a distributed and fully managed presence on the European territory is fundamental to guaranteeing companies the highest level of regulatory compliance and data territoriality. This is why we have restructured our classic data center based approach in favour of a new one based on Regions: WIIT’s Secure Cloud. But we did not stop there. In addition to simplifying our territorial presence, we have activated pre-packaged services called Zones. Companies that choose one or more Regions will be able to choose which service package to enable between Standard, Premium and DR, accessing high levels of security, by default, without further analysis. Because the analysis and choice of technologies has already been done by WIIT.

You choose where, we take care of your securitySecure by Design

Adopting a cloud provider does not only mean choosing the IaaS, PaaS or SaaS that best suits one’s needs. Often it also means taking on the burden of activating or building appropriate services to achieve the desired security levels.

Within our Regions we have already taken care of that. Choosing one or more Regions within WIIT’s Secure Cloud means being able to access a portfolio of pre-packaged Cyber Security services already available to our customers, so that, once the requirements have been defined, they can concentrate on the activities most valuable to their Business and leave the rest to WIIT.

More than just SecurityInside the Zones

Security is fundamental, but it is not the only aspect to be considered when choosing a Cloud Provider. Within the Premium, Standard and DR Zones, it is possible to find other functionalities that usually are customer’s responsibility. Topics such as high availability of technologies and scalability are, for example, managed by default within Premium and Standard Zones, while Business Continuity and Backup Secure logics are already available in DR Zones. Within the Premium Zones you have access to WIIT’s most comprehensive portfolio of services from Tier IV Data Centers, the highest level of resilience in the sector, to Premium Security, an offer dedicated to customers with very critical needs. All managed on a 24-hour basis, so you can get back to taking care of what really matters.

Speed, scalability and securitySecure Cloud according to WIIT

Innovation, scalability and digital transformationCloud-Native

Choosing a proprietary Cloud-Native platform today means risking a major technological lock-in that will remain in place for decades. With WIIT’s Cloud-Native platform, you choose a “no Lock-in” guaranteed by the CNCF community, without compromising the performance, scalability and security of a Cloud Provider.

Unleash the AI potentialArtificial Intelligence

Implementing successful AI applications is a challenging and complex task. Running them in scalable and secure environments is equally so. With WIIT we can at least relieve you of the latter task and let you concentrate on creating successful applications, to unleash the full potential of AI and bring value to your company.

Centralize your integration managementEnterprise iPaaS

With WIIT’s Enterprise iPaaS you can implement a new Enterprise Integration project or migrate from one or more existing platforms to manage all enterprise integrations in a centralised manner. WIIT’s Secure Cloud features add industry-leading robustness and security to the platform.

Explore the infinite digital possibilities of the MetaverseMetaverse

With our cloud infrastructure, we ensure optimal performance, instant scalability and low latency for a smooth and engaging end-user experience. Furthermore, having access to one of the highest levels of security in the industry allows you to effectively protect personal data in the Metaverse and provide your end users with the confidence to experiment and explore.

The Cloud at the service of IoTInternet of Things

The speed, flexibility and security of the Cloud are indispensable for all businesses that aim to improve production and distribution processes by leveraging the Internet of Things. WIIT today has technologies, solutions and competences that are in line with the needs of companies that intend to exploit the Internet of Things to create value chains that are increasingly performing, secure and efficient.