Leaders of
Cloud Computing

The cloud enables digital transformation and drives business growth in a sustainable, responsible, efficient and secure manner.

At WIIT, we drive businesses toward a successful future through the adoption of customized, resilient, scalable, and fully managed cloud models that drive business growth and enable companies to bypass the complexity of technology.

With our assets, specialized skills, processes and certifications, we are able to enable and govern complex cloud models in support of business applications and processes, ensuring high levels of service and resilience.


Maximum security, resilience and performance for critical processes and applications of companies. We provide our customers with high levels of service regardless of the complexity of the architecture, ensuring uninterrupted operations for a growing business.


The perfect solution for businesses that want to harness the power of hybrid and multicloud models. Smart Cloud is a flexible platform of ready-to-use cloud products and services, delivered on-demand from a resilient infrastructure managed by WIIT.


We govern the entire digital transformation journey starting with the design and implementation of complex cloud architectures. Skills, assets and years of experience allow us to break down any risk and overcome the challenges of migration.


Maximize your employees’ productivity and engagement by enabling a secure, resilient, and smart digital workplace that can be accessed anywhere and on any device. WIIT is by your side to modernize the work paradigm.


We support enterprises adopting DevOps development methodologies by ensuring the availability of secure and resilient environments, delivered as-a-Service and based on the pivotal role of automation.