A true vocation

WIIT not only has all the certifications that guarantee the presence of technological and design competences for the management of any mission critical platform: the group also has proven experience, gained through years of partnership and consulting alongside clients of rare complexity.

Therefore, in addition to the methodological rigour that has always distinguished the integration of procedures and solutions with the regulations and standards of the sector, the WIIT offer hinges on the conviction that at the base of any innovation process there must be a wide-ranging partnership. The relationship with the client is therefore fundamental, and it is this vocation that transforms a contract for the supply of evolved services into a strategic consultancy to deal with changes in the market.

WIIT positioning

In the management of mission-critical platforms, WIIT has chosen to focus on engineering aspects, providing Italian companies that needed to manage their systems 24/7 with top-level skills.

Focus on stable technologies

Technology in itself is not the panacea for a company’s problems. However, if it is reliable, it helps to address them with greater peace of mind. This is why WIIT has always relied on innovative solutions that prove to be stable.

Mission Critical Platform

From logistics to production, passing through e-commerce and customer care services, up to advanced data management, WIIT offers a complete range of services to extract the maximum potential from the mission critical platforms of the main vendors on the market.

Cloud Technology:
Full opening

WIIT is one of the few players able to offer assistance on all types of Cloud platforms, from bare metal servers to proprietary solutions, including Virtual Private Clouds and Hyper convergence between Public Clouds.

Agile and Secure

Collaboration platforms are increasingly essential to ensuring business continuity for an enterprise. This is why WIIT has developed an extensive offer dedicated to the secure and efficient management of Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft 365 and Google Suite.

Secure Cloud according to WIIT

Speed, flexibility and scalability of the Cloud must be complemented by the highest security standards in the industry, to enable all companies improving and innovating their processes with the highest level of confidence. Discover WIIT’s Secure Cloud.

Create a virtuous circle

The ecosystem of solutions and services that WIIT makes available to its clients aims to create a virtuous circle between the functions on which the company is based. Business continuity platforms, Cyber Security, and application layers must work in unison to enable the business to perform at peak performance.

Specialization by industry

WIIT guarantees the best solutions for each area of business. Strengthened by the experience gained in some of the crucial sectors for the Made in Italy, the teams of consultants are able to adapt skills and technologies to the specific needs of each company, regardless of vertical