Claims managementThe relevance of claims

Claims and requests come not only from customers, but they can also come from suppliers and any other stakeholder who claims poor service or an error, real or alleged, made by the company. Receiving, classifying, filing, and knowing the status of the claim at all times is the first step to be able to respond in a timely and satisfactory way to the claimant. Without these features, brand reputation and customer engagement could be significantly affected.

Claims managementThe WIIT approach

WIIT does not limit itself to improving the process of managing claims, but places it, through its platform, within a systemic vision that includes quality, the passive and active cycles, protocol regarding correspondence, human resources management and any other customized processes.

The advantages of a digitalized claim

A digital management of claims makes it possible to speed up both the acquisition phase and the closure of the file, thus increasing customer satisfaction on the one hand and, on the other, the satisfaction of the employee who intervenes to solve, upstream or downstream, the reported problem.

The claim phases optimized by WIIT

Receiving of claims

Classification in multichannel mode


Claim management

Assignment and engagement of digital process

CRM integration


Communication and notifications to the customer

Closing of the file

Archiving of the file

CRM and customer processes integration

Closing of the file

Notification to the customer

Claim automation

The exponential increase in channels and touchpoints now makes manual claim intake unmanageable from the phase of classifying and assigning the claim into a proper category. Automating this phase helps free employees from a burdensome task, as well as reducing the risk of error slowing down the subsequent resolution of the claim. A structured Claim management also allows constant monitoring of the process and provides significant KPIs for continuous improvement.

CX and EX combined

An optimized claim management ensures that customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) tend to converge in terms of satisfaction, since an increase in customer satisfaction coincides with an increase in satisfaction on the part of the employee, who feels part of an organization that is attentive to responding to the requests of its stakeholders.

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