Security over timeBackup over time

An activity in some ways complementary to that of Continuous Data Protection. It is about the ability of disaster recovery technology to periodically capture accurate photographs of the company’s information assets, and store them even for years in a secure environment.
In fact, cyber-attacks, and in particular ransomware initiatives, often become visible to companies only months after the first intrusion: systems can therefore be compromised for a long time, and in order to restore them correctly, it becomes necessary to recover completely reliable backups

An isolated vaultThe data caveau

The name of the solution is extremely evocative: vault means crypt, or at least hidden and isolated place. Vault Backup is therefore backup that takes place within a real treasure chest, where the company can store data and applications for long periods of time, while maintaining all the corrections that IT has made to the various systems.
In the event of an attack or intrusion, the business can get back up and running quickly by restoring configurations deemed secure by the IT manager.

A proprietary methodologyThe WIIT approach

Redundant systemsBusiness continuity:
a geographical matter

When it comes to Continuous Data Protection and restoring systems after a fault, it is essential to have a physical Business Continuity and Disaster recovery site away from the facility where data normally resides.
The disasters that a company may face are not only of a technical and IT nature: from climatic events to political crises, passing through health emergencies, it is necessary to guarantee business continuity on sites geographically distant from the place where the criticality occurs.

Data Centre for Business Continuity

The data center of Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso) is the site of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity of the WIIT infrastructures present in Milan.
It has multi-carrier Internet connectivity guaranteed through physical carriers in SDH Optical Fiber with double redundant ring, in copper SHDSL and radio link.

Security Index

To manage Business Continuity activities, client companies can also rely on the WIIT security index, which provides:

  • 178 variables analyzed
  • 5 levels of depth
  • 25 weighted coefficients
  • 100 points overall score
  • 5 subscore per category

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