Order to CashThe importance of O2C

The O2C cycle describes all the activities from customer order through invoice and payment processing. It consists, therefore, of a series of sub-processes on the efficiency of which depend both the removal of any bottlenecks and the fluidity of the order flow from start to finish. Being able, therefore, to digitalize and optimize the various steps that are part of the Order to Cash brings benefits not only to the cycle itself, but also to the enabling of more efficient cash flows.

Order to CashThe WIIT approach

WIIT is able to transform the O2C cycle into a homogeneous process, eliminating, for example, paper documents from the contract stipulation phase, through the archiving and storage of signed transport documents in compliance with the law, and finally integrating the control of outstanding payments with the company’s management software.

The benefits of O2C

With the Order to Cash system created by WIIT, the time required to compile and enter the contract data is reduced and all the relevant documentation is archived and stored in digital format in compliance with the law, making it easily accessible at all times.

O2C phases optimized by WIIT


Offer process

Digital signature & booking

Contract dossier

ERP integration

Sales order

ERP entry

Transport document

Mobile management and signature

Multi-channel sending


Multi-channel sending

Digital storage


Multichannel reminders management

Additional advantages of O2C

With the WIIT O2C solution, it is possible to affix an electronic signature on any device (PC, Laptop or mobile) and to automatically send documents to customers. In addition, signing can be done remotely, via OTP (one-time password), saving time for both customers and the company.

Why choose WIIT

WIIT helps reduce manual work, error rates and bottlenecks during all the phases of the Order to Cash process: from the archiving of transport documents, to the elimination of paper throughout the O2C cycle, to a greater control of the flow and traceability of customer communications, such as the management of outstanding invoices.

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