Cloud-NativeAiming at the Future. Today.

In 2030, more than 70 per cent of cloud workloads will be implemented by Cloud-Native technologies suitable for supporting business in the implementation of new digital services for end customers. An important part of the margins of companies of the future will be based on these types of services at the expense of the business dynamics more common today. Choosing a Cloud Provider capable of supporting you today and accompanying you in your digital transformation is of fundamental importance for your success. WIIT through strategic partnerships provides a CNCF approved Cloud-Native platform free of technology lock-ins and “battle-tested” to host the most critical application workloads. All this leveraging its own Secure Cloud platform that guarantees industry-leading resilience and security.

Cloud-NativeWhat we do

WIIT provides its Secure Cloud platform to easily build, deploy and manage cloud-native applications. You can use the native Kubernetes cluster orchestration capabilities to efficiently deploy and scale your applications in a fully microservices-based logic. WIIT’s Cloud-Native stack is by default integrable into your CI/CD DevOps pipeline because it only implements applications that are recognized and approved by the CNCF, the most active OpenSource community in the industry. All without sacrificing the scalability and security features of WIIT’s Secure Cloud platform that makes your cloud-native applications ready to tackle the most challenging production conditions.

Cloud-NativeNo Lock-in

Choosing a Cloud-Native Platform today means risking a major technological Lock-in for your company that will remain in place for decades. With WIIT’s Cloud-Native Platform you choose a “no Lock-in” guaranteed by the CNCF community, without giving up the performance, scalability and security of a Cloud Provider. Use API Gateways, Message Platforms and Service Mesh freely to turbocharge your workloads and do so with the certainty of being able, tomorrow, to take them wherever you want. WIIT has selected for you the best Cloud-Native stack to allow you to unleash innovation in your business, without constraints and without thinking about technological aspects. WIIT’ll guarantee.