Web PortalEverything the customer needs

The self-service dimension of having customers tap into the resources they need on their own is one of the most important one in today’s digital age. A web portal, therefore, must facilitate all the phases of the relationship, from onboarding to purchasing and reporting, without the need to involve a company official (unless the user explicitly requests it). WIIT provides the customer, as well as the employee, with an easy-to-navigate online platform to access all the documentation and information they need.

Omnichannel starts here

It is the customer who chooses the channels through which to be contacted by the company and this option can be done by selecting it through the corporate web portal. This also applies to notifications, consulting invoices and other documents, communications and claims. The web portal is the gateway to omnichanneling.

Not only customer experience

WIIT creates web portals not only for the benefit of a valuable customer experience, but also for the benefit of the employee experience. In fact, the ability for employees to quickly search and view the content they need for their job can be ensured through an effective internal web portal.

The 3 advantages of a web portal

Customer engagement 

Customers are more satisfied, because they can easily access their documents and communicate quickly with the company


 Lower team effort

Corporate resources are relieved of the burden of having to talk to customers about routine issues that can be handled in self-service mode


Lower costs

In addition to lower personnel costs, a web portal lowers claim rates and associated expenses

Web portal and compliance

A web portal cannot simply act as a “showcase” for the customer, but it must be integrated into the workflow of the sales cycle, thus supporting all those compliance requirements to which the relationship between company and customer must be subject by law.

Why choose WIIT

WIIT develops scalable and optimized web portals that, on the one hand, allow for customer loyalty, since they can also be linked to apps for mobile use, and, on the other hand, make the work of employees more fluid and productive, enabling them to draw on a single repository for all the documents they need.