Bare MetalIn short

With WIIT, you choose the guarantee of resilient, scalable and high-performance infrastructures with which to realise the full value of digital transformation. The solutions based on Bare Metal servers are designed, configured and managed by WIIT to guarantee high levels of service and performance in line with the challenging needs of the markets.

Bare MetalWhat we do

Dedicated servers meet the need for uncompromised performance, control and customisation. Bare Metal solutions offer a single tenancy and full control over the hardware environment, which can be customised according to the requirements of specific applications. Like the other platforms chosen by WIIT, dedicated servers allow advanced security measures to be easily integrated.

Bare MetalWhy rely on WIIT

The power of WIIT’s hardware and the quality of WIIT’s services make Bare Metal solutions perfect for supporting mission critical applications, simplifying compliance and enabling use cases of Big Data, AI, Real-time Analytics and workloads with very high performance requirements. Thanks to WIIT’s experience, expertise and certified assets, companies can focus on growing their business, forgetting the complexity of the enabling infrastructure.

WIIT's Bare Metal services

At WIIT we design, implement and govern complex technological infrastructures to support the digital transformation of enterprises. Our services, based on experience, skills and certified assets, enable secure, high-performance and resilient enterprise models on which to base business growth.