VMware Virtual Private CloudIn short

We design and manage Virtual Private Cloud architectures based on VMware: thanks to fault tolerance and out of the box workload balancing, performance, scalability and security of the cloud model are ensured right from the start. An unsurpassed enterprise support and unparalleled integration possibilities, also for back-up and disaster recovery, combined with the high reliability of WIIT’s infrastructure solution, guarantee the highest service levels.

VMware Virtual Private CloudWhat we do

We find the best Virtual Private Cloud solution to meet the customer’s autonomy requirements. Thanks to the built-in functionality of VMware:

  • we make portions of our infrastructure available and let the Customer manage the orchestration of the VMs;
  • we design, organise and manage the VMs in full, monitoring the workload to ensure the best performance and service levels;
  • we implement HA solutions even across multiple data centres.

VMware Virtual Private CloudWhy rely on WIIT

VMware’s Virtual Private Cloud guarantees non-stop performance: thanks to separate farms with different characteristics, WIIT optimally balances the workload within all VPC architectures, and optimally matches every customer requirement. Continuous technology renewal and constant performance monitoring enable the highest security standards and potentially unlimited scalability.