WIIT 4 PeopleThe Scenario

Technology and innovation companies should take the lead in facilitating the uptake of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and computer science disciplines by actively contributing to the training of new professionals for the field.

This is a challenge that must be addressed on two fronts. Internally, it is important to invest in the growth of own resources, increasingly encouraging the development of technical skills and soft-skills, through the promotion of a context based on responsibility, entrepreneurship and autonomy, which allows everyone to be involved in the achievement of objectives.

“The pandemic has allowed us to rethink traditional HR processes. The challenge is no longer to organise work remotely but to create more and more Connected People Care services, thus taking care of people remotely while keeping them connected to the company’s soul and culture.”

SARAH GALLI, Group HR & Organization Director

WIIT 4 PeopleAchievements to 2021

We believe the success of WIIT is tied to the value brought by our people and to the ability to keep a firm grip on leadership along the way. For this reason, it is important to ensure the continuity of key figures for the organisation, who play a strategic role both internally, motivating and guiding the company, and in the relationship with stakeholders.





WIIT 4 People2030 Targets

As evidence of our commitment to the issues of sustainability and innovation, WIIT will implement new lines of action on scientific research initiatives, co-innovation activities and process automation. In addition, the objective of the ESG Plan is to allocate 1% of annual revenue to digital services for non-profit organizations.

WIIT 4 PeopleCase studies

The commitment of WIIT extends beyond corporate boundaries. We believe that the Cloud is the future and, therefore, we need more and more people able to manage and govern its logic. For this reason, during 2020, the company Etaeria worked on the development of two training courses together with external partners, which will contribute to the training of new professional figures.

The first is the ICT Master in partnership with the Polytechnic of Turin and the Confindustria of Cuneo that aims to train young engineering graduates to create high-level specialists. The second path, called Reskilling Path, always in collaboration with Confindustria of Cuneo, is instead dedicated to ICT personnel.

Discover WIIT's other Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability ReportWIIT 4 Data

Data is the “new capital” and to protect it it is necessary to deploy increasingly sophisticated technological and organizational defenses. To support organizations we provide Data Resiliency and Cybersecurity to safeguard information systems.

Sustainability ReportWIIT 4 Climate

Immediate actions are needed to fight global warming, both at local and systemic level. Our ambition is to make a substantial contribution to the achievement of the sustainable transition objectives, succeeding in making all Group companies Carbon Neutral by 2030.

Sustainability ReportWIIT 4 Innovation

WIIT’s attention is focused on sustainability and innovation objectives that generate value by integrating them. We accompany companies by making every investment sustainable and profitable, providing tailor-made technological tools combined with the skills necessary for change.