Critical applications are defined as applications at the base of processes the interruption of which can generate important impacts on the core business:


Financial losses due to loss of profits – Criminal penalties – Decrease in market share


Expresses the impact that the unavailability of the service has in terms of loss of image and relationships with third parties.
This type of impact determines significant time frames for reputation recovery.


Damages resulting from the non-fulfilment of business plans or the non-achievement of expected results with significant repercussions on the business plan


Expresses the impact that the unavailability of the process has with respect to legal obligations, industry regulations or contractual obligations with third parties


Significant costs in terms of extra-budgetary resources and time required to resolve the operational complexities following the event

To professionally manage this type of service, it is not enough to deliver computational resources rather than man hours: it is necessary to have the highest level of certifications, skills, processes and assets to define and guarantee service levels.


This is how we forge long-term relationships with our clients, multi-year ongoing services that intelligently integrate excellent technologies, people and working methods.


WIIT Key Success Factor

A European Network of Tier IV DCs
for Critical Applications

Ensuring the highest Levels of Resilience