How to combine resilience and innovation in digital security?

We answered this challenging question during the Executive Breakfast organized today, April, 13th 2022, in Milan in collaboration with IDC.

Today cyber resilience is a strategic goal for companies, especially in the current context in constant transformation: hybrid and remote work, automated processes and connected operations on one hand, while on the other there are increasingly sophisticated and potentially harmful cyberattacks.

Digital security initiatives must assess and mitigate this new set of risks while ensuring protection, innovation, agility, integrity and availability. Enabling digital resilience is now possible both through the adoption of new protection models based on advanced analytics and intelligence technologies, and on new architectural approaches for the protection of the new perimeter (Zero Trust, Security as-a-service) and on continuous training and awareness activities.

After the welcome and an introduction on the market scenario by Diego Pandolfi, Research and Consulting Manager of IDC Italy, Giuseppe Colosimo, Cyber ​​Security Director of WIIT, intervened, underlining the importance of an integrated approach to cyber security to face the current challenges in the best possible way. Then, the debate among the participants opened: we discussed on the main challenges to be faced in the new digital and hyper-connected business scenario and on which architectural models and new technologies for next generation digital security to adopt.

Thanks to IDC Italy and our guests for the exchange of opinions.