Artificial IntelligenceIn short

We design, implement and manage high-performance architectures to host the latest AI workloads. We give you access to the best technologies on the market to support your company’s innovation. For example, with WIIT you can build and run your expert systems, Big Data analytics pipelines and LLMs to support your customers’ access to your information in the most natural way possible. With WIIT’s Secure Cloud platform, your artificial intelligence workloads run by default on hardened infrastructures operated with the highest levels of security available on the market.

Artificial IntelligenceWhat we do

WIIT can manage your AI workloads on a flexible and innovative Cloud-Native platform, based on Open Source technologies certified by the industry’s most active community. In this way, you will be free of technological lock-ins and at the same time be able to access third-party AI services, without being bound by them in any way. The Cloud of WIIT relies on high technological standards to improve the use of resources on its platform, while maintaining a constant focus on usability and user-centered design. By using our services, we thus guarantee scalability, better distribution of workloads, compliance and data security, stability, and business continuity.

Artificial IntelligenceWhy rely on WIIT

Implementing successful AI applications is a challenging and complex task. Running them in scalable and secure environments is equally so. With WIIT we can at least relieve you of the latter task and let you concentrate on building successful applications, to unleash the full potential of Artificial Intelligence and bring value to your business. In addition, we distribute workloads in a way that lightens and streamlines your IT infrastructure, ensure stability and always-on access to data and processes, and enable an on-demand use of resources, so that costs are kept low and reduced to what is actually needed. This was done for example by the ArtIFARM consortium, which decided to implement its AI platform for Precision Farming on the WIIT Cloud, benefiting from enormous advantages in terms of scalability and security.