Enterprise iPaaSIn short

An Enterprise Integration solution is usually a complex technological solution designed to enable the connection, synchronization and management of data, processes and applications within the enterprise. It is the digital glue that merges heterogeneous systems and workflows within the organization, enabling them to function more efficiently and synergycally. WIIT has made this technology simple and accessible through the development of the Enterprise Integration as a Service (EiPaaS) platform, leveraging its Secure Cloud platform. So, your Enterprise Integration project becomes simple, scalable, secure.

Enterprise iPaaSWhat we do

Thanks to WIIT’s Secure Cloud platform and the strategic partnership with a company specializing in Enterprise Integration projects, we have built a unique end-to-end Enterprise iPaaS platform with high scalability, reliability and security features. With WIIT’s Enterprise iPaaS you will be able to implement a new Enterprise Integration project or migrate from one or more existing platforms to manage all enterprise integrations in a centralized manner.

Enterprise iPaaSWhy rely on WIIT

Enterprise Integration has innumerable advantages for organizations, starting from the centralization of workflows, to the ease of integrating new platforms, to the speed of meeting business requirements. However, it often comes up against the complexity, length and cost of the project. With the Enterprise iPaaS all this is a thing of the past. Focus only on what really matters to your business and take advantage of the functionality already available in the platform to see your processes implemented on a robust, secure and market-recognized technology. And should your strategy change, you can take your processes away, whenever you want, without any lock-in. WIIT’s Secure Cloud features add industry-leading robustness and security to the platform, which, together with integration skills, make the solution unique and allow you to tackle the project while focusing on business issues, because we take care of the technology.