Cyber Security


Cyber-Security is by now a primary concern. Why? And above all what is meant by Cyber-Security?

We live in a world where technology covers a fundamental role.

In fact today we have the possibility to connect ourselves to the network with ease, share and download data through wirelessly connected devices. Online data and information are a shared legacy and can be enjoyed very simply and practically in real time.

All of this makes our devices potentially vulnerable and along with them all the information contained. If this is a serious issue for single users, imagine what it can mean for institutions or businesses.

Simply put, access to the network connects us to the world and enables us to enjoy a practically limitless databank, but leaves the people, the businesses and institutions exposed to various risks, from the theft of information to sheer sabotage of productive infrastructures.

The more an IT system is vulnerable, the higher the risk.

To fall into a real problem of Cyber-Security could mean a domino of consequent losses for business.

For enterprises with critical business the damage could potentially be titanic.

In the future the correlation between the development of a country and the quality of its cyber infrastructure will converge. They will have to raise the stakes more and more to higher standards of Cyber-Security in society, in the industrial system, and in public administration.

Cyber crime is already a reality we have to deal with.

The number of online scams grows by triple digits year over year, as do demands of computer blackmail by ransomware, DDoS attacks to critical infrastructures, viruses that infest telephones and that put in danger not only the bank accounts of common citizens but blocking also the operations of companies directly affecting productivity, profits and employment.

WIIT supplies solutions in the position to defend the IT security and protect firms and institutions from Cyber Crime attacks.

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